Embossing Technique on Cakes

What is embossing technique?

Embossing technique is a basic form of cake decorating idea. It is an art of imprinting decorative designs on fondant. I have never tried embossing on any other types of icing except fondant, and can assure you, it produces stunning results and is definitely worth trying.

Embossing technique has long been used in decorating cakes and is very easy to master. So much so, there are so many tools available in the market today. If you are new to cake decorating, if might be a little difficult for you to find some of these tools because they are not all called embossers. Some are called pattern presses, cutters and even impression mats. But they all do the same thing – emboss beautiful intricate designs and patterns on fondant.

What are embossing tools?

  • Embossing sticks – Holly products have these tools. They are typically long sticks with pattern at one end of the stick. They come in many different cute floral, baby, shapes, borders, toys and many more
  • Pattern presses – Wilton has most of these pattern presses, ranging from scroll pattersn to alphabets which can be arranged and pressed onto cakes to make any message

Press Set Stencils
Block Letters Press Set

Make Any Message Letter Press Set

  • Textured rolling pins – these look like normal rolling pins but instead of a smooth surface, they have designs on them. When you use these rolling pins, you will have to apply the right pressure to imprint the designs on the fondant right on the first attempt. If you re-roll on the same piece of fondant, you will have double prints of the design, and then it won’t look so elegant anymore.

Fondant Impression Rolling Pins

Ribbon Cutter and Embosser Set

  • Embossing mats and impression mats– these are mats with various textures on them. These can be used to decorate sides of cakes or even the top and come is various patterns such as brickwork, pebbles, basket weave and quilt. Some mats look like stencils. To use these, you first roll your fondant, then place the mats ont eh fondant and roll on it to imprint the patterns. The 2 videos at the end of this page show how these mats are used to emboss on cakes.

The above tools are available from The Cake Supply Store

Textured rolling pins are also available from The Cake Decorating Company

How to Emboss on Fondant?

Let me show you an embossing technique using just cookie cutters and plain icing nozzles or tips. To do this all you need is fondant, plunger cutters or cookie cutters,round tip nozzles in various sizes and a pizza cutter.

First, you need to roll your fondant and cover your cake with it. Again, the choice of whether you need to put the fondant on the cake first before embossing or emboss first before covering a cake would depend on the type of embossing you are doing. Generally, if you are using individual pattern presses or emboss sticks, you can cover you cakes with fondant first. However, if you are going to use an impression mat or a textured rolling pin to emboss your cake, then you will have to do it onto your fondant first before you cover your cake with it.

And it’s the same for cupcakes. Since I am using individual cutters, I prefer to cut the fondant, emboss and then cover the cupcakes. Here, I am just using fondant pieces cut into round shapes so as to cover cupcakes.

Once you have your fondant pieces, simply press the plunger cutters and nozzles to create heart shapes and round shapes on your fondant pieces. For the straight lines, simply use a ruler and pizza cutter to mark the lines.

Please don’t press too hard or else you will end up cutting out the pieces of the fondant, but just enough pressure to leave an even visible print mark on the fondant.

Videos on Embossing Techniques

Here is a video from Youtube showing embossing technique on fondant using a large embossing sheet and how to enhance the imprinted designs with luster dust:

Here is another video by Satin Ice on how to use an embossing mat to emboss on fondant. The instructor also shares techniques of enhancing the embossed patterns on fondant with airbrush colors and glitter dust.

Using this technique, you can even emboss intricate delicate lace patterns onto your fondant. The video below, by Ron Ben Israel, shows how he creatively uses an actual lace to produce lace patterns on fondant to decorate a wedding cake.

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