Fall Wedding Cakes – Free Ideas And Photos For A Fall Themed Wedding Cake

Fall wedding cakes or autumn wedding cakes are typically characterized by their fall or autumn related designs and colors.

Fall themed wedding cakes have rich color scheme ranging from hues of orange, brown, gold, red, yellow, rustic and bronze. Not only that, designs or elements of nature associated with autumn or harvest season are also used in decorating these wedding cakes.

Here are some ideas that you can use to create wedding cakes with a fall theme:

  • Fresh flowers, namely daisies, sunflowers or roses in tones of reds, oranges, browns or yellows. Sugar paste flowers in rich vibrant colors also make excellent fall themed decorations.
  • Cakes covered in chocolate butter cream or chocolate fondant and decorated with bright fresh or sugar paste flowers. Alternatively, it is also a good idea to use marzipan or fondant fruits.
  • Another popular fall related cake decorating idea is the use of fondant leaves in the shape of maple or oak leaves. Use these leaves to decorate your wedding cake.
  • It is also an interesting idea to use fruits abundant in autumn to decorate the wedding cake. Apples or marzipan apples and oranges can make excellent cake decorating items.
  • For a truly unique autumn wedding cake, you can also use wheat grass, sprays of wheat, pheasant feather and acorns to adorn your cake as part of your cake topper or scattered around the base of your cake.
  • Make tiny little pumpkins and gourds out of marzipan and use them to decorate your cake either in combination with flowers or other autumn related decorations as mentioned above.

Fall wedding cake photo and pictures

If you are looking for ideas or inspirations for a autumn wedding cake design, here are some great ideas for you:

Fall Fall Fall

Fall Fall Fall


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