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Here are some very cool fashion themed cake decorating ideas shared by my very talented readers.

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Fashion Inspired Cakes (Click on the images below or scroll down for more details and larger pictures)

3d Purse Cake

This 3d purse cake idea was submitted by Julie M. of Rochester, NY, USA.

Decorating tips by Julie:

I did this cake for a friend's 50th birthday party. She was so into fashion and pretty things, so she wanted a purse cake in 3D. So that's what she got!

It was chocolate cake sculpted in the shape of a handbag, and then covered in chocolate fondant to look like leather. It had light brown fondant edging and little stitching marks made by my fondant cutter whee. The handle was wire covered in fondant, and it had fondant daisy flowers for decoration. Another fun part to this cake was the fondant pearl bracelet which had a lovely pearl dust sheen!

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Dress Cake

This dress cake idea was submitted by Heather Yerkes of Tuscaloosa, Al USA.

Decorating tips by Heather:

This is a four tier cake covered in layers of fondant. I was inspired by a variety of different dresses. I wanted to create an elegant but different wedding cake.

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Coach "Courtenay" Hobo Bag Purse Cake

This Coach hobo bag cake was submitted by Flora Santiago of Studio City, CA.

Decorating tips by Flora:

Use your favorite cake recipe. This one is yellow cake with buttercream frosting. I baked the cakes in a sheet pan 11"X13". I made 3 long rectangular cake boards...2 @ 10" x 3.5" and 1@ 9.5" x 3.5". Cut, stack and frost cake layer on cake boards. 2 cake boards should have 3 layers of cake and the 9.5" x 3.5" cake board should have 4 layers of cake. 

Crumb coat each cake and put in the freezer to set. Meanwhile in a bowl, make MMF by melting marshmallows and a few tablespoons of water in a glass bowl in the microwave for about 1 1/2 minutes until marshmallows are completely melted, sift 3 cups of powdered sugar into marshmallow. Dye the MMF to whatever color you want the purse to be..knead vegetable oil into the MMF (this gives the MMF the appearance of "leather"). Set aside. 

Weeks before, make the hardware, i.e., brackets, hooks, rings, buckles, zippers, toggles out of gumpaste and paint either silver or gold and make the tags straps, handles and poms out of MMF. Pay close attention to the purse's details. Details make all the difference in making a cake look like a real object!

Take cakes out of freezer. Dowel the two 10" x 3.5" with small dowels (bamboo skewers) cut to the height of each cake making sure to leave a section on the cake for a long dowel to pass thru each tier on either side as well as the center. This step is needed to secure the cake upright and to the cake board. Crumb coat entire cake and ganache and put back in the freezer to set. Roll out fondant to about 1/5" thick. Take your pattern and lay on top of fondant and cut out purse panels.

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Dr Bag Gift Cake

These Dr Bag gift cake pictures were submitted by Dawn Davis of GA, United States.

Decorating tips by Dawn:

I have a neurologist that I see for side effects I received from chemo. How do you thank your Doctors? Bake them a cake to say thank you. So this was the inspiration for this cake. It was chocolate cake with raspberry filling covered with fondant. 

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Jewelry Box Cake

This penguin cake idea was submitted by Marilyn Perez of Miami, FL, USA .

Decorating tips by Marilyn:

It's all about people and who they are, what they like and figuring them out. 

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Jewelry Box and High Heel Cake

This Noah's Ark cake and cupcakes was submitted by by Monica of Lansdale, PA.

Decorating tips by Monica:

I designed this cake for an OVER THE HEEL birthday celebration. This cake was a Jewelry Box, complete with birthstone and diamond rings, watch, string of pearls, bracelet, lipsticks, perfume and high heel shoe, all of which were made from gum paste.

I made all pieces of gum paste and dried them ahead of time, allowing approximately 7 days to dry. When dry I painted them with food coloring. For the pearls, I rolled out gum paste and cut them with a tip 12 and rolled each into a ball and let dry on a bed of cornstarch. After they dried, I used a needle and dental floss and strung the pearls, then i dusted them with Mother of Pearl luster dust(found @ then steamed them and hung them to dry.

To make this cake you will need a full sheet, cut into thirds, iced, stacked and covered in marshmallow fondant. To make it look like wood you need watered-down brown food coloring and a small paint brush. Once the fondant is on the cake approx 4 hours, dip the brush in the food coloring shake off excess and just drag straight across the fondant, after all dragging is done, you can pick up a little darker brown and in a very thin line just do some little swipes to mimic the darker lines in wood. I used a chocolate mold with fondant to make the designs on the front of the jewelry box and painted them with FDA gold luster dust. The lid of the jewelry box is made by using foam core, cut to shape and push two dowel rods into it,one of each end, covered it in fondant and do the wood grain technique.

Good luck & happy baking.

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Camo Bikini Cake

This camo bikini cake picture was submitted by Tonya Ridenour of Lima, OH, USA.

Decorating tips by Tonya:

Two heart cakes with the tips cut off and butted up next to each other end to end. Crumb coat with buttercream icing. I tinted my icing in camo colors and used a Wilton writing tip to add the camo design. I just looked at a picture and then hand drew the pattern. I used to large cupcakes for the breasts on the cake.

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Shirt 'n' Tie Cake

This shirt 'n' tie cake idea was submitted by Egbe Orobosa of Benin City, Edo State, Nigeria.

Decorating tips by Egbe:

This cake is a 9*13 inch rectangular rich fruit vanilla flavored cake. I made it for a client on the occasion of her father's birthday. The cake and board are both covered in home made fondant icing. The tie is fondant icing as well, I used Wilton navy blue color to tint the fondant for the tie. I used JEM cutters diamond impression tool to imprint diamond pattern on the tie lightly. For the name patch on the cake, I used FMM impression mat to imprint tree bark pattern on the patch.

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Mini Purse Cake

This mini purse cake design was submitted by Shelly Omel of CA, United States. 

Decorating tips by Shelly:

I used the Wilton mini wonder mold that is for making doll dresses, it turns out to be about the size of a cupcake and a half. Crumb coat of buttercream and covered in butter cream Fondarific. Only the handle is made of gum paste. 

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