Filigree Icing Design – Free Easy Cake Decorating Technique

Filigree icing design, just like the name suggests, is a very delicate and elegant cake decoration. Used mostly for wedding cakes, this cake decorating technique is relatively simple and easy to learn.

Things you need :

  • Royal icing of stiff consistency
  • Plain nozzle No.1 or 2
  • Parchment paper
  • Templates
  • Paper clips

Get the filigree design template ready

  • First and foremost, get the designs ready. You can create your own design and or use of the templates provided in this site.

Place a parchment paper on the template and secure with paper clips

  • Print the designs. Cut a piece of parchment paper as big as your template. Place the parchment paper on the template and secure both papers with paper clips so that the papers don’t move while you are piping your designs.

trace filigree designs with icing

  • Next, using royal icing and nozzle no. 1 or 2, trace the designs onto the parchment paper.

leave the piped filigree designs to dry completely

  • Once all the designs are traced with royal icing, remove paper clips and let the icing to dry and set completely, about 1 hour.

peel the filigree icing off the parchment paper and keep in an airtight container for later use

  • Once they are completely set, carefully peel off the icing from the parchment paper. The filigree designs are now ready to be used.

This cake decorating technique is very useful because the designs can be prepared much earlier and stored for later use. So long as they are kept in a cool and dry place, they can last for quite some time.

Always remember to make slightly more that what you really need to allow for breakages.

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