Flowers in Pond Cake

It took a while for me to come with the name 'flowers in pond cake' for this cake. 

And if you are looking for a pond in the cake picture, you will not find it - the pond in the cake is abstract. 

To be frank, when I was decorating this cake, I only had buttercream flowers in mind, not the pond and definitely not water. 

The inspiration for this flowers in pond cake was just colors. I wanted to create a design with a combination of dark blue, turquoise, white and light brown. I did not have any design in mind. 

It started off with just a circle of dark blue and turquoise 5 petal buttercream flowers on the cake, and then I thought some white will be a nice combo so added some simple piped flowers which in some angles looked like water lilies (so I named these water lilies).  And then I thought the cake was still too plain, so decided to add some scrolls in dot piping in a combination of dark blue and turquoise. When I finished the top, the whole deco gave me a water pond feel (in an abstract way) and so I that is how the cake got its name!

And for coherence, I repeated the dotted scrolls at the bottom of the cake in the same dark blue and turquoise buttercream dots. And I added random white 'buttercream lilies' to end the scrolls.

Here is how I made this Flowers in Pond cake:

These are the supplies I used for decorating this cake:

  • One 4 inches high round cake - I used my coffee cake recipe for this cake. The cake was baked in 2 6 inch pans and filled with vanilla buttercream.
  • Buttercream - I used untinted vanilla buttercream for the filling and crumb coat. I also used buttercream for the final brown frosting, the flowers and the leaves on the cake.
  • Wilton food coloring in juniper green
  • Americolor food coloring in turqoise, navy blue, royal blue, brown, black
  • Wilton round piping tip #3 for dots scrolls, star tip #18 (for large lilies) and #16 (for small lilies) for the water lilies, leave tip #352 for the green leaves and petal tip #101 for the 5 petal flowers.
  • Disposable piping bags

And here is how I decorated the flowers in pond cake:

  • Once the cakes were baked (I baked two 6 inch round cakes) and cooled, I leveled the tops and sandwiched them with buttercream followed by a thin layer of crumb coat.
  • I then covered the whole cake with buttercream tinted with brown and black. I used very very very little brown and black. I  wanted a just the slightest tint of black-brown to the icing. I smoothed the icing on the cake so that it was evenly distributed. And then, I created the horizontal lines design on the whole cake. This was done using a palette knife. I held the palette knife on one hand as shown below and then used the other hand to turn the turntable continuously. As I turn the turntable, I gradually move my hand holding the pallete knife upwards so that the lines continue forming until the top. In doing this, the knife should only very lightly touch the icing to avoid it from totally scraping off icing from the cake. Once the sides were done, I continued with the top of the cake, starting from the outside and slowly moving towards the center of the cake.

  • This image is to show how I held the palette knife while rotating the turntable. Like I mentioned above, the lines should start from bottom to top. I have already done the lines so this is only to show how I held the palette knife.

  • And here is how the top of the cake looked like.
  • Next was the cake border, I piped simple bead border using Wilton tip #3.

  • Next, I arranged the buttercream flowers on the cake with the blue and turqoise ones alternating each other. I say 'arranged' because these flowers were piped in advance on parchment squares and left in the freezer to harden (see below for further details on how I made the flowers). When ready to be used, I just peeled off the paper and placed the flowers gently on the cake with a spatula. I also pipe white centres for the flowers using Wilton tip #3.

  • Next was the lillies. I randomly piped white lilies and then added the leaves. After than, I did the scrolls in dot piping. To do this, I used Wilton tip #3. I started with the dark blue scroll dots, beginning the scrolls close to the flowers and then continued to the centre of  the cake with turqoise icing. This is how the top looked like:

  • I completed the cake by piping the same scrolls and white lilies on the sides of the cake, but only halfway up:

And that was it. My flowers in pond cake.

Buttercream Flowers

 I had 2 types of buttercream flowers on this flowers in pond cake , ie. 5 petal flowers in dark blue and turqoise and lilies in white. Here is how I colored all the flowers and leaves on my cake:

  • Dark blue - a mix of Americolor navy blue (most part), a little royal blue and a tiny bit of black.
  • Turquise - Americolor turqoise
  • White lilies - Untinted buttercream
  • Leaves - Wilton juniper green

The blue and turqoise flowers were piped using Wilton petal tip #101 while the  white 'lilies' were piped directly on the cake using tips #18 & #16. To make the lilies, I piped one star on the cake, lifted the nozzle completely, and then piped another one on top of the earlier star.

I have a separate page (and a video) on how to pipe the 5 petal buttercream flowers, step by step. You can read all about it here (or click on the image below):

Hope you enjoyed this post as such as I enjoyed putting it together. Please leave your comments below if you like this sharing:)

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