Fun Cake Designs - Colors & Shapes

How about fun cake designs in an explosion of colors or interesting shapes for your upcoming cake decorating project? 

I have on this page, some really awesome and fun cake decorating ideas shared by my very talented readers like you.

The overall theme of the cakes here is colors and shapes, be it a brightly colored cake, a colorful one or a cake in a not so standard shape like topsy turvy, etc.

If you have a great color themed cake idea or have made a cake in a perculiar shape before, you are most welcome to share your masterpieces here. Simply fill up the form here and send in your cake ideas! 

Fun Cake Designs (Click on the images below or scroll down for more details and larger pictures)

5 Tier Wedding Cake

This 'My first 5-tiered cake' idea was submitted by Cheryl Westenberg of Wisconsin, United States. 


Cake decorating tips by Cheryl:

This was a 8", 10", 12", 14" and 16" cakes all stacked using dowel supports. It was white cake with raspberry filling and covered in buttercream frosting. Not bad for my first fondant cake!! 

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Fiesta Birthday Cake

This Fiesta Birthday Cake idea was submitted by Susan Shearer of CA, USA.

Decorating tips by Susan:

Cakes were torted and frozen. After freezing, I cut the shape I wanted with an electric knife. Each cake was then covered in fondant and stacked. Scroll work was added in buttercream and suckers were added for decoration. A large wooden dowel was then inserted down the middle to keep the cakes from falling over. 

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Green and Black Topsy Turvy Cake

This green and black topsy turvey cake idea was submitted by Tami Aills, of Texas, United States. 

Decorating tips by Tami:

Made my first topsy turvey cake for my daughters 21st birthday. The cake is made up of 3 layers of chocolate and vanilla cakes and decorated with buttercream icing and marshmallow fondant. 

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Green Birthday Cake

This green birthday cake idea was submitted by Orobosa Egbe of Edo, Nigeria. 

Decorating tips by Orobosa:

The base cake is a round 12" madeira cake and the cake on top is a round 7" madeira cake, both 4" high. 

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Polka Dot Wedding Cake

This brush embroidery bridal shower cake idea was submitted by Julie M, Rochester, NY, USA.

Decorating tips by Julie:

I have to say this is one of my all time favorite wedding cakes I've done. It was for my cousin's wedding reception, which had a fun, festive atmosphere with lots of candy and bright colors. We designed the cake to match her color scheme and go along with the candy feel. It has two shades of pink and also lime green polka dots in varying sizes on the sides of each tier. The real gerbera daisy flower topper set things off perfectly.  


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Topsy Turvy Birthday Cake

This topsy turvy birthday cake idea was submitted by Chelsea Robberson of  Texas, United States. 

Decorating tips by Chelsea:

This is a 3-layer 10' with a 3-layer 6' on top. I cut the tops at an angle to give it the topsy turvy look. I iced with yellow buttercream and the rest of the decorations are marshmallow fondant. I made the spots by stacking 3 colors of brown in different sizes on each other and then rolling them out worked really well. The purse was made by just folding a piece of fondant in half and adding the handle, the number says 60 for the lady's birthday. I learned how to make the bow on YouTube :)

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Hot Pink and Black Bridal Shower Cake

This hot pink and black bridal shower cake idea was submitted by Brandy Jo Hepp of WA, United States. 

Decorating tips by Brandy:

Don't be too hard on yourself! Enjoy the whole process! 

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Rainbow Cake

This rainbow cake idea was submitted by Nicky Cachemaille of New Zealand. 

Decorating tips by Nicky:

Make a white cake of your choice. Get 5 or 6 little bowls ready and put 1/2 tsp of different icing colours in the bottom of each bowl. Pour batter evenly between bowls and mix well. Drop spoonfuls of coloured batter into prepared cake tin and cook as normal. 

Makes an extra special cake and its a surprise too. 

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Bridal and Topsy Turvy Groom Cake

This bridal and topsy turvy groom cake idea was submitted by Monica of Lansdale, PA.

Decorating tips by Monica:

This bride's & groom's cake was alot of fun to make. The bride's cake was very traditional, i made a sugar bowl with bouquet of her wedding flowers ontop. The love birds were made with gumpaste,dried and brushed with super pearl. 

The Groom's cake was topsy tury and i added course sugar for a little bling.The top hat was also cake

Good luck & happy caking

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60th Diamond Anniversary Cake

This 60th diamond anniversary cake idea was submitted by Petsie Lajaip of Penampang, Sabah, Malaysia.

Decorating tips by Petsie:

I used the butter pound cake and chocolate moist cake recipes from this website and all the guest commented that the cake was very delicious. I am proud of this cake simply for my in-law's 60th Wedding Anniversary. For this cake I used 7", 9" & 12" cake pans. Thanks to Creative Cake Decorating for the great recipes.

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Champagne and Hearts Anniversary Cake

This champagne and hearts anniversary cake was submitted by Monica of Lansdale, PA.

Decorating tips by Monica:

I designed this cake for an anniversary. The first tier is a 14inch heart shaped cake covered with fondant and I used a quilted design with edible dragees i made by hand and dusted them with 14kt gold FDA approved luster. The second tier is rkt(rice krispie treats) shaped in a heart shaped pan, iced with royal icing and covered with fondant and i used a rubber stamp to put impression of toasting champagne glasses with a heart in between them on the fondant. 

I had a skeleton of pvc through the cakes for stability. I made a goblet out of gumpaste,shaping it inside a real goblet and letting it dry for approx 7days, immediately after shaping i put a hole through the goblet so that it would slide onto the pvc pipe. I dusted the goblet with Gold Highlighter luster dust,( I constructed the champagne bottle by forming it out of gumpaste and letting it dry.

I also made approx 80 sugar globes and attached them to the pvc pipe to make it look like bubbles coming out of the champagne bottle. 

Good Luck & Happy caking

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Jessica's 12th Birthday Cake

This first fondant cake was submitted by Laura Waters of GA, United States.

Decorating tips by Laura:

This was my first tiered cake ever so I worked on it for a month maybe more. I made decorations out of fondant and sprinkled it with coordinating colors of sprinkles. I made these a little at a time over a month. I made some of the decorations with a small hole in the top so I could hang them from decorative cake wires I inserted in the top and second layers. I made the cakes over about a two week period and froze them. I took fillable pillars and filled them with crafting beads of colors that coordinate with the cake decoration colors. The top layer was vanilla, the second layer was butter pecan, the third was lemon, and the bottom layer was triple chocolate fudge. This was for my daughters 12th birthday.

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