Graduation Cake Ideas

Looking for graduation cake ideas for your upcoming cake decorating project? 

Here are some really cool graduation cakes shared by my very talented readers like you.

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Graduation Cake Ideas (Click on the images below or scroll down for more details and larger pictures)

Graduation Cake

This graduation cake was submitted by Liz Coppus of Carroll, Ohio.


Cake decorating tips by Liz:

Bake (1) 1/2 sheet cake.

Bake (2) 1/4 sheet cakes.

Bake (1) 1/2 round cake (I use a stoneware cereal bowl). 

Cut out square the desired size for top of graduation cap in gum paste. Color to match the school colors. Frost all three sheet cakes on the top and one long side only. Smooth the frosting or texture the frosting if you like. Using Tip 223, frost the three remaining sides with the lined side showing (these are the pages of the books). Pipe border with #12 tip around edges of books.Using a wooden skewer, press a line down the front long edge of book to simulate a real book. Pipe "subject" on edges of book and any decorative design you like. Dowel and stack books on one end of cake.


Frost and smooth the 1/2 round cake and place on top of base book. Dowel underneath first. Place gum paste square on top of 1/2 round. Secure with frosting. Decorate the borders with a design of your choice. Top with a DIPLOMA printed from your computer on plain white paper and tied with a ribbon to match school colors.

VIOLA! A great graduation cake with little effort.

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Graduation Books Cake

This graduation books cake was submitted by Tina Ingell of Michigan, United States. 

Decorating tips by Tina:

We found that freezing the cake after it has cooled, makes it easier to frost with very little crumbs. As soon as it comes out of freezer we put a thin coat of frosting, which will set up quickly. Then frost like normal. We love to use traditional frosting over fondant. Sticking with our school colors was how we chose the book colors. Was a lot of fun to do. We made a small personal size for the graduate and a large one for the party.  

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Graduation Scroll Cake

This graduation scroll cake was submitted by Sarah of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Decorating tips by Sarah:

I made this cake for my sister who graduated from college last year. The cake is covered in fondant and decorated with fondant daisies and leaves and a tiny scroll. I made them 2 days in advance so that they set well.  

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I'm Outta Here Cake

This graduation cake was submitted by Julie M of Rochester, NY, USA.

Decorating tips by Julie:

This was a cake I saw in a magazine and had always wanted to do. So, when my brother graduated from high school, it was the perfect occasion! It's four 13 x9 rectangle cakes stacked up, and iced to look like a high school building with windows and shrubs made out of icing-covered marshmallows. The fun part is the happy graduate figurine and the cut out cookies letters spelling I'm Outta Here! It was a big hit at the party.  

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Graduation Stars Cake

This graduation stars cake idea was submitted by Julie M, Rochester, NY, USA.

Decorating tips by Julie:

This was a 1/2 sheet cake iced in blue buttercream and decorated with varying size multicolored fondant stars. Some of the stars are double stacked for added interest. There is also white buttercream piped stars mixed in for a little variety. 

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