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Graduations are very important milestones in our lives and those of our loved ones. It is no doubt that thay are often celebrated with parties and get togethers, not forgetting the cake, off course.

Listed on this page are some great ideas you can use in making a cake for a graduation party. I hope this ideas will be a good source of inspiration for you.

Graduation Cake Designs

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Graduation Cake Ideas

Graduation cap cakes – you can either cut out the outline of the graduation cap from a sheet cake and frost it or get a specialty graduation cap cake pan and bake your cake in it. Alternatively, graduation cap cakes can also be made in 3d shapes. 

Graduation scroll cakes - This is another interesting cake idea. All you need to do is bake a sheet cake and pipe an outline of a scroll on the cake. Alternatively, you can also cut out the shape of the scroll from the cake and frost is to make it look like a scroll. Use a very fine icing tip and pipe out inscriptions similar to that on the original graduation scroll. Also, to add more personal touch to the cake, you can also place a picture of the graduating person on one corner of the scroll. 

Open book cakes – There are two ways of making an open book cake. You can either bake a sheet cake and cut it out to resemble that of an open book or use a specialty open book cake pan and bake your cake in it. This open book cake idea is open to lots of creativity and you can choose to decorate the book in many ways. 

Stack of books – You can make a cake in the form of a stack of books, either a set of books arranged upright or a set of books arranged on top of one another in a neat stack or in a haphazard manner. This cake is also rather simple to construct as all you need to do is bake a few sheet cakes and stack them together. Decorate the books with titles that are relevant to the field of study of the graduating person. You can also add a graduation cap cake on the books. This cake idea will generally feed a large group, so if you are intending to make a cake for a small group of people, you may wish to reduce the number of books stacked.

Themed graduation cakes - An interesting theme to use for graduation is the field of study the person has graduated from. For example, if the cake is for a doctor or nurse, then the cake can be made in the shape of medical uniform or use fondant to shape medical tools like the stethoscope and use it as a deco on the cake. If the graduating person is in the field of music, then you can make a cake in the shape of a piano or guitar or simply cut out musical notes from fondant and use them to decorate the cake.

Smiley face cake– This is an interesting idea to consider for a graduation cake. Make a round smiley face wearing a graduation cap.

Stars – Stars can be used to signify triumph and victory. Use stars as the theme for the cake and use related inscription like ‘You are a star’ to be piped on the cake.

Teddy bear cake – Make a 3d teddy bear cake and put a graduation cap on it. Also, make a small scroll and place it in the bear’s hands. This makes a really cute cake, but you will need a specialty 3d bear cake pan to make the bear cake.

Graduation cake toppers - This is simplest and most time saving option. There are a wide variety of graduation cake toppers that you can purchase from cake specialty shops, ranging from edible sugar decorations, graduation candles, cupcake casings and non-edible cake toppers that can be reused. Just choose the ones your like and use them to decorate your cake.

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