How to Make Gumpaste Daisies

Gumpaste daisies make very elegant cake decorations.

These cheerful flowers are a spread of positivity, the feeling that often comes with the start of spring, when everything is new and crisp and breathing new life.

I for one, definitely love daisies. Their pure white petals with bright yellow centers exude elegance and beauty in the simplest form. Imagine these pretty little things in an edible form adorning your cakes? The only word that comes to my mind is elegance.

Gumpaste Daisy Flower

Gumpaste daisies are one of the easiest sugar flowers to make. They don’t require layers and layers of petals like roses so I would say, these flowers can be made by anyone, including those without any cake decorating skills.

Although this page is about daisies made out of gumpaste, these flowers can also be made with fondant. I have on many occasions simply made this flowers using fondant and they have always dried well and have held their shape well.

If you intend to place or stick individual daisies directly onto a cake like in the cake below, there is no need to wire the flowers (in fact, you should not be putting any wire into the cake). Simply stick them to your cake with a damp brush, fondant glue or shortening. However, if you plan to decorate a cake with bunches of daisies, then, wiring them is recommended as wiring will make them look real.

I am sharing on this page, my technique of making gumpaste daisies. Like I mentioned earlier, I have made these flowers with fondant on many occasions however, the fondant I used in my own homemade fondant. This fondant dries very well in humidity and works perfectly well for these daisies. If you intend to use store bought fondant, depending on the humidity in your place, the flowers might not dry well. Adding a little tylose or CMC powder might help (I cannot say for sure because humidity plays a big role in the making and drying of gumpaste flowers) but there is no guarantee. You will have to try it out for yourself. A better option would be to use gumpaste and if there is any issue with the flowers setting and holding their shape, keeping them in an air conditioned room might help.

Here is how I make my gumpaste daisies:

The main things needed are:

  • Daisy flower petal cutter
  • Toothpick
  • Gumpaste in white and yellow (and also green for the wired daisies)
  • Floral wire (for the wired daisies)

Gumpaste Daisy Flower

And here are the step by step instructions:

  • Roll out the white gumpaste into a thin sheet. 

Gumpaste Daisy Flower
  • Cut out the daisy using the daisy cutter. Roll out the petals to give them a more elongated and natural look.

Gumpaste Daisy Flower

Gumpaste Daisy Flower
  • Using a toothpick, mark 2 lines on each petal as shown. Leave the flower aside.

Gumpaste Daisy Flower
  • Next, take a small piece of yellow gumpaste for the daisy center. Shape it into a round ball.

Gumpaste Daisy Flower
  • Press the round ball on a flour sieve to obtain the criss-cross pattern for the daisy center.

Gumpaste Daisy Flower
  • Glue the center to the flower with some edible glue or water and leave it to dry on a flower former.

Gumpaste Daisy Flower

Once dried, you can use the daisies directly on a cake. Simply stick them with water, fondant glue or shortening.

There you go. Isn't this easy? Hope this is useful to you.

Thank you for reading!

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