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This Halloween cake ideas was submitted by Linda B. from Texas

halloween cake ideas

My son wanted me to make him a pumpkin shaped cake for last year Halloween. I was too busy with work, so I came up with this idea instead. I know my two boys will be fighting over the pumpkin icing, so I made 2 pumpkin designs on the cake. Here is how I decorated the cake:

I am not very good at making designs on cakes so I drew the pumpkin on a grease proof paper first. I cut out the pumpkins, placed them on the cake and marked the design on the cake with a pin.

And the rest of the deco was easy. I followed my markings earlier with black icing. I then used orange icing to fill up the whole pumpkin. The background and sides of the cake is in royal icing. I wanted a really white background for the pumpkins so royal icing is the best. My kids loved the Halloween pumpkin cake.

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