Halloween Cakes

Looking for creative Halloween cakes decorating idea? Here is an interesting cake design you can use for Halloween.

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Things you need for the cake:

  • A rectangle cake (or any other shape you prefer)
  • Fondant icing in white
  • Royal icing is 2 colors – black and white
  • Wilton round nozzle no. 3

This is how you decorate the cake:

First, get the spider web design ready. I drew the spider web on a parchment paper. I then put the design on the cake and using a pin, I marked the main vertical lines of the spider web.

Next, I removed the paper. Using the black royal icing, I piped the vertical lines marked earlier. The rest of the lines on the spider web, i.e., the circular ones are piped free hand.

Once that is done, I then piped the spider. If you are not comfortable in piping the spider straightaway onto the cake, use the transfer method. Draw the spider onto a wax paper. Turn it over and pipe out the spider with black icing. Leave it aside to set and then slowly remove the spider from the wax paper and place it in the middle of the cake. Also, if you find it difficult to peel the spider off the wax paper without its legs breaking, just make the body of the spider on the wax paper and pipe the legs directly onto the cake.

Finally, using the white icing, pipe an outline of the spider as well as its eyes and legs.

Have A Great Holiday Cake Idea?

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