Halloween Cupcakes

Looking for creative Halloween cupcakes idea? Here are 2 interesting designs you can use for Halloween – spider cupcakes and pumpkin cupcake.

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How to make spider cupcakes

The cupcakes are covered with fondant, some in white and the others in black. Next, I filled 2 piping bags with black and white royal icing respectively.

Using a round nozzle, I piped the spiders onto the cupcakes, starting with the body and then all the 8 legs, finishing off with the eyes. I piped white spiders on black fondant and black spiders on white fondant. The cupcakes were a huge hit with kids in my neighborhood.

Halloween cupcakes picture

How to make pumpkin cupcake

Pumpkin, being very synonym with Halloween, is another great idea to use for decorating Halloween cup cakes. Using free hand piping, I piped an orange pumpkin onto the cupcake. Next, I took some black icing and piped the pumpkin’s eyes and crooked mouth. I finished the cupcake decoration with a black curly border.

If you are not very comfortable with free hand piping, you can actually use the pattern transfer method to make the pumpkin design above. Simply draw the pumpkin on a wax paper. Turn in over and pipe out the pumpkin, along the lines drawn on the paper. Leave the pumpkin to set completely, and then carefully peel it off the paper and use it on your cupcakes.

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