How to Color Sprinkles the Easy Way

I am sharing on this page, my technique on how to color sprinkles. And I say easy  because it is literally such. No need for any special decorating skills or tools.

I used this method to decorate my sprinkles inside cupcakes. I was initially planning on using store bought sprinkles but I could not find them in the color combination I wanted. The theme for the cupcakes was blue. I thought it would be boring to use a single shade of blue for the cupcakes filling and had to resort to coming up with the colors my own. Here are the cupcakes I made with a combination of 2 custom colored blue shades.

These technique is a real life saver when you need sprinkles in a shade that is not availble in stores. I also love the fact that I am able to customize the colors to the exact shades I want and in any color combination I want. Its a technique I discovered by chance and since it worked out so well for me, I am all excited to share the technique with you.

Here is my guide on how to color sprinkles

These are the supplies I used for coloring my own sprinkles

White sprinkles - I bought these from local cake decorating suppplies shop. They are sold in both bulk quantities as well as smaller retail packages. I prefer to buy retail packages depending on my projects. That way I dont have to keep the extras for too long in my refridgerator.

Gel food coloring - I used Wilton royal blue food coloring. Despite the 2 shades of blue produced in the image above, both were made using royal blue color.

Toothpick - I used a tooth pick to as Wilton colors come in tiny plastic jars that cannot squeeze the coloring out. The toothpick is used to transfer the color onto the sprinkles. If you are using Americolor, you will be able to squeeze the color straigt out of the bottle and as such, do not require a toothpick.

And here is how I colored the sprinkles

  • I measured the required amount of sprinkles onto a bowl.

  • And then, I took a toothpick and dipped it into Wilton Royal Blue color and dropped the toothpick into the bowl filled with the white sprinkles.

  • I then transfered the sprinkles and the toothpick into a ziplock bag. I locked the bag and gave the contents are good shake until the sprinkles have all be uniformly coated with blue. In shaking the bag, care must be exercised to not overdo it until the sprinkles break.

  • I then transfered half of the sprinkles out of the zip lock bag. This is how the sprinkles looked like.
  • Next, I went on to create the dark shade ones. To achieve the darker shade, I added a bit more coloring into the zip lock bag which contained the balance light blue sprinkles. And I gave the sprinkles another round of shaking. At this point, the sprinkles appeared slightly damp and were slightly stickly, so I made sure I did not over shake the bag.
  • I transfered the sprinkles into a bowl and left them in a cool and dry place for them to dry completely ( I normally work in an air conditioned room so I just place the bowl directly where the air was blowing from the unit so that the sprinkles dry quickly).
  • Once they were nice and dry, I worked on mixing the sprinkles to achieve the mix I wanted. For this particular project, I used both the shades in equal quantities and then added some gold dragees into the mix (the gold dragees were store bought).
  • And this is how to color sprinkles, the easy way, my way.

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