Football Kids Birthday Cake

”Here is a creative kids birthday cake idea you can use for a child's birthday”

kids birthday cake

Kids birthday cake

Things you need for this cake:

  • 2 cakes baked in bowl moulds(or a cake baked in a novelty ball cake mould)
  • Black and white butter icing
  • A cake board ( must be of the same diameter as the cakes)
  • Fondant in 2 shades of brown and black (for the teddy bears)

Decorating tips:

Firstly, I placed the first half ball on a plate. I then inserted 4 dowel rods almost to the centre of the cake (the dowel rods should be of same height, which is the height of the cake).

Next I covered a thin layer of icing on the cake and placed a foil wrapped cake board on the cake. I then covered another thin layer of icing, this time on the cake board. The purpose is to make sure the cakes stick to the board and do not fall off.

Once that is done, i took the second half of the ball and placed it on the cake board.

Next, i covered the whole cake with white butter icing and smoothened it well. I then decorated it with black hexagons, also in butter icing. Click here for more detailed instructions on how to do the hexagon designs on the cake, as I have explained for another one of my cake designs.

Once the cake is done, I placed 4 fondant teddy bears on top of the cake and secured them in place with toothpicks inserted at the bottom of each teddy bear to the top of the cake.

The fondant teddy bears are fairly simple to make. Shape each part of the teddy bear separately and attach them together with a damp brush. Use black fondant for the eyes and nose of the bear.

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