Mini Wedding Cake - Individual Wedding Cake Ideas

Mini wedding cake, also known as miniature wedding cake, small wedding cake or individual wedding cake are wedding cakes in a much smaller size than the normal traditional wedding cakes.

mini wedding cake

Unlike cupcakes that come in paper or foil cup, miniature wedding cakes are generally the same as the normal large cake except that they come in a much smaller version.

Some miniature wedding cakes are meant for individual consumption, while others are meant for a serving of 2 or 4 guests.

These wedding cakes, just like the cupcakes has gained a lot of popularity as wedding cakes and wedding favours. The only downside for this miniature wedding cakes are the cost involved as it takes the baker quite an amount of time to prepare each cake.

Mini cakes come in many different shapes and sizes. There are also tiered ones and the most common number of tiers for a miniature wedding cake is 2.

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