My Favorite Online Cake Decorating Supplies Stores

Online cake decorating supplies stores are my favorite when it comes to purchasing cake decorating tools.

Cake decorating is not just about being artistic and creative. It is also about using the right cake decorating tools to achieve desired results. With the right tools, you will not only be able to produce professional results but also be able to do it within a reasonable time frame. Having the right cake decorating tools is therefore an important factor in producing professionally decorated cakes.

For those who are in the business of cake decorating, you will be familiar with the common cake decorating tools brands available in the market. Some of these brand names have been in the market for a long time and have known to produce results all the time.

Over the years, I have purchased many cake decorating supplies online from well known brands like Wilton, Patchwork Cutters, Marvelous Molds, FMM Cutters, Windsor Clickstix, Lindy Smith, PME Sugarcraft and many others. Most of the time, I purchase them online because it not only saves my times, I also get access to a wide range of tools and brand names compared to if I were to buy from a local store.

And my favorite online cake decorating supplies stores are none other than Global Sugar Art and Amazon. These stores carry many products ranging from many brand names so it becomes convenient to purchase them all in one store and have them shipped to me at one go. I have also specifically included Marvelous Molds in my list below because they do have an online store and a special tutorial section on how to use their products. This I find is very useful, especially for beginners.

Online Cake Decorating Supplies Stores

Global Sugar Art

Global Sugar Art

This awesome store has almost every cake decorating tool you will ever need. They also carry other supplies for cake decorating including fondant, chocolate, food coloring and readymade sugar flowers.

You can either shop by types of supplies (for example molds, cake pans, boxes, boards, cutters, coloring, etc) or by brand names (for example Wilton, Marvelous Molds, etc).

The store runs great discounts and deals every now and then, and the best part of all is they ship worldwide. I often go on a shopping spree when they are free shipping deals, to make use of the free shipping offer. It’s a great savings for me as I live almost half way across the globe from where Global Sugar Art is!


Amazon is another great online place to shop for cake decorating tools and all other things related to cakes and cupcakes, including cake decorating books, cake serving plates, cutters, molds, cake pans, etc. They also ship worldwide, and have gift wrapping option if you wish to buy a gift for someone and have it delivered to them as a gift. Amazon is my favorite place to purchase cake decorating books

Marvelous Molds

This is a well known silicone mold brand. The company was founded by Chef Dominic Palazzolo who has spent many years supplying chefs, cake decorators, scientists, artists and hobbyists with silicone mold making materials that they can use to make their own custom molds.

Their product line includes silicone molds, silicone onlays, impression mats and silicone molds for petals (Petalears). Each mold is made of highest food grade silicone and produces consistently detailed and professional looking cake decorations all the time. They are easy to use, very flexible, can be used for fondant and chocolate and easy to clean.

The website has a dedicated tutorials section on how to use the molds, and if you are into cake decorating business, these molds will be of great help to produce professionally decorated cakes without having to spend hours and hours on the decorations.

And they also ship their products worldwide!!

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