Flour Sifter and Sieve

”Learn how to choose the right sifter for your baking needs ”

Flour sifter and sieve - Flour sifters, also known as sieves, are a real MUST in baking cakes. All cakes, be it butter cakes or sponges cakes, will require the flour to be sifted at least once. The most effective way of sifting flour is by using a sieve or a flour sifter.

Flour in cakes need to be sifted in order to aerate it. The sifted flour, when folded into the rest of the cake ingredients, will help the cake to rise well during baking, resulting in a soft and fluffy cake. Not only that, sifting flour with other ingredients like baking powder and salt will better incorporated the ingredients, yielding better textured cakes.

  • There are many different types of sifters available in the market, and these sieves vary in terms of sizes and materials used to make them. Some come in stainless steel, others in plastic and some even in wood.

  • Choosing the right flour sifter and sieve also means choosing one with the right size. If you need to sift high volumes of flour or sugar or other ingredients, it is best to buy one with a larger capacity. Some sieves can take a maximum of 8 cups of flour.

  • Also be mindful of the fineness of the wire mesh. It is normally read as number of squares per inch. The higher the number of squares, the finer is the sieve.

  • The easiest ones to use are the sifters which come in the form of a cup and the sifting process is done by pressing the handle. This type of sieve contains the sifted flour in a smaller area as compared to a mesh sieve where you have to use both hands to move the sieve to sift. Often the mesh sieves also leave a thin layer of flour dust around your work space.

  • When sifting, it is always better for the sift or sieve to be filled only half or less than half for ease of sifting.

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