”A must have tool for baking and decorating cakes”

Spatula is a multipurpose kitchen utensil with a long handle and a broad flat surface at one end used to mix, flip or scrap food items. There are many different types of this tool available in the market and the ones used for baking and decorating cakes are different from those used in general cooking.

Uses in baking and decorating cakes

The main use of this baking tool in baking cakes is to fold batter and scrap batter from the sides of the mixing bowl. Mostly made of silicone or rubber, they are flexible enough to reach the corners of your mixing bowl and it can really work wonders in scraping batter from the sides of your bowl. You can also find those made of bamboo or wood or stainless steel, but silicone and rubber ones are the best for baking. Silicone and rubber makes it more flexible in bending and is thus able to reach and scrap batter off the corners of a bowl to an almost perfect level.

Not only is this tool useful in baking, it is also very useful in cake decorating. Sometimes known are palate knifes, they are different from the ones used of cake baking and are normally made of stainless steel in the shape of a long blade with wood or plastic handles.

For funnel cakes

Ateco set


Rubber - solvent resistent

Good Cook

Stainless steel


Rubbermaid & Kitchen aid Scraper

Reusable plastics


Icing pallate knives

Spatulas for funnel cakes:

Funnel cakes are different from normal cakes in the sense that they are fried in oil instead of being baked. The funnel cake batter is poured into a funnel cake fryer though a funnel in a lattice pattern. Once the cake is brown on one side, it has to be turned over to brown the other side. This is when you need to use a spatula. The ones used for funnel cakes are different from those used in general cake baking and decorating, in the sense that there are tongs to hold the funnel cake and turn it over. Alternately, you can also use the normal heat resistant cooking ones or the slotted ones.

Here are some commonly used ones for funnel cakes:

This tool is a definite must have for all cake bakers. You don’t have to be professional cake baker to use it. So long as you bake cakes or cookies at home, you will definitely find this tool useful not only in making scraping faster but also saves you a lot of time and effort compared to using a normal spoon.

Ateco set- straight blades with plastic handles:

Polypropylene ones:

Solvent resistant rubber ones:

Good cook spatulas:

Stainless steel ones:

With stainless steel handle

Silicone - quick fix silicone ones:

Rubbermaid & Kitchen aid scraper :

Reusable plastic mixing ones:

Animated ones:

Icing palatte knives:

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