Spring Cupcakes

Are you planning to decorate your cupcakes with a spring cupcakes theme? Well, look no further as you have come to the right place.

I have on this page a cupcake decorating idea which is as fresh and flowery as spring. Spring often reminds me of fresh greenery and pretty blossoms, so I designed these flower cupcakes last spring for a small family tea party.

Spring cupcakes picture

The daisies on the cakes are made using fondant. I cut out the petals using a daisy flower cutter and let the flowers to set and harden.

In fact, the good thing about this design or any other design that uses fondant flowers is that they can be made much earlier and this really saves time on the day the cupcakes are assembled. So, on the day the cupcakes need to be served or delivered to customers, just cover the cupcakes with the icing/frosting of choice and simply stick the fondant flowers on top of each cake with a little royal icing or butter cream.

In this design, I used royal icing to coat the top of each cup cake and place one daisy on each cake. I then used a little yellow royal icing and piped the flower centers.

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