Sprinkles Cupcakes

Sprinkles cupcakes, just like the name suggests, are simply cupcakes decorated with sprinkles. 

And all you need to make this design are cupcake sprinkles and your favorite icing or frosting, and off course, your favorite cupcakes. 

Sprinkles cupcakes picture

Firstly, cover your cupcakes with icing. My all time favorite cupcake frosting is buttercream icing for plain cupcakes and chocolate ganache for chocolate cupcakes. 

Next, sprinkle generous amounts of cupcakes sprinkles on each cupcake. If the sprinkles do not stick to the icing on the cupcakes, pour the sprinkles into a bowl and dip the top of each cupcake into the sprinkles until the top of each cake is evenly covered with the sprinkles.

There are many different cupcake sprinkles you can use on your cupcakes. Depending on the theme of your cupcake party, you can choose from a wide variety of colored sprinkles for colorful cupcakes, or use special shaped ones like the heart sprinkles. Alternatively, for a very quick cupcake decorating idea, simply use chopped nuts or chocolate sprinkles as your cupcake designs.

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