Sprinkles Cupcakes

Sprinkles cupcakes. Well, ok, this is probably the easiest cupcake decorating technique around.  Who even needs a tutorial on how to make these sprinkles cupcakes? All you need is some buttercream and sprinkles and you can put the two together for instantly decorated cupcakes.

If you like lots and lots of sprinkles on your cupcakes, simply dip the top of your buttercream coated cupcake into a bowl filled with your favorite sprinkles and turn it around until the top is fully and evenly covered with sprinkles. Or if you want to add just a tiny bit of color into an otherwise boring set of plain buttercream covered cupcakes, simply sprinkles some sprinkles sparsely over the top of each cupcake.

Sprinkles cupcakes picture

My sharing on this page is not just about such cupcakes sprinkled with sprinkles. I am writing this page to share with you the many different designs you can achieve for cupcakes with just buttercream and sprinkles, and perhaps a decorating nozzle or tip – there is no need for any other special decorating tools, just plain old buttercream and your favourite sprinkles.

Sprinkles come in many different shapes and colors – l know I don’t have to tell you that, I am just saying…But do you know you can actually make your own sprinkles? Do you also know that you can even color your sprinkles in any color combination you want?

Click on the links above to read more on how to make your own sprinkles and how to color your sprinkles in your favorite preferred colors.

And below are a few cupcake designs I have made using just buttercream and sprinkles.

Sprinkles Cupcakes Designs

Funfetti Cupcakes

These are cupcakes with sprinkles inside and out. The recipe calls for addition of sprinkles into the cake batter and once baked, these cupcakes scream nothing but cheerfulness and fun. To add on to the fun and cheerfulness, the cupcakes are decorated with sprinkles and a buttercream frilly swirl.

Sprinkles filled cupcakes

These sprinkles filled cupcakes are simply awesome and super easy and super fast to make. Using a cupcake corer or just a jam knife, make a hole in the centre of each cupcake. Fill the hole with sprinkles in the colors of your choice. Cover the top with buttercream and finish off the deco by sprinkling the top sparsely with the same sprinkles as the inside.

Serve the cupcakes and enjoy the reaction when people bite into one of these cupcakes!

Funfetti layered cupcakes

These require a bit more work but are nevertheless very easy to make. Remove cupcakes from their casings. Each cupcake is layered into 3 and filled with buttercream and sprinkles. The layers are then returned to a new cupcake casing and covered in buttercream swirls and topped with the same sprinkles used in the filling. 

There you go. Hope you enjoyed reading this post as much as I enjoyed putting it together. Happy sprinkling on cupcakes !! :)

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