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Looking for games or toys cake decorating ideas? 

Here are some really cool games and toys themed cake decorating ideas shared by my very talented readers.

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Toys Cake Decorating Ideas (Click on the images below or scroll down for more details and larger pictures)

Teddy Bear Cupcake

This teddy bear cupcake idea was submitted by Kelly of Manchester.

Decorating tips by Kelly:

Almond cupcake with almond buttercream. Teddy bear handmade from marzipan.

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Doll Birthday Cake

This birthday cake photo of a doll cake was submitted by Joan Calderon of United Arab Emirates. 

Decorating tips by Joan:

I made this cake for my flatmate. I made moist chocolate cake and italian meringue for the icing. Let the cake cool and after icing the cake, I rebake it for another 5 - 10 minutes for the meringue to set. I put the barbie doll on the iced cake and decorate some royal icing to cover the legs of the doll. 

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Girls Barbie Doll Cake

This Barbie doll cake was submitted by Gemma Estall of Glasgow.

Decorating tips by Gemma:

We are a family run Catering & Cake business, and we were asked to create a girl's Barbie doll cake for a 5 year olds birthday. This was our first attempt, and I think it came out pretty well. 

We used a 7 inch round cake tin and a small pudding bowl; this was so that the Barbie dress didn’t look too fat. The cake was decorated using white and pink sugar paste.

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Princess Cake

This princess cake picture were submitted by Karie Smail of Ontario, Canada).

Decorating tips by Karie:

You are going to need a cake baked in a bowl shape. I used a stainless steel bowl you buy at local stores. For the bottom i used a 12 x 15 pan but I have used a smaller base before. I used whipped icing and just added icing sugar to it to make it more firm, then colored it with food coloring. Insert the doll wrapped in saran wrap into cake before icing then fill in around it. To get the sides smooth I used a piece of computer paper and started at the bottom and pulled it to the top to make the icing nice and smooth. Filled in around the doll with icing and iced the bottom the same color. I used the shell tip to create the edging. Make sure to put dowel under the tier stands to prevent it from sinking. Hope this helps someone. Have fun :)

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Teddy Bear Cake

This teddy bear cake idea was submitted by Pamela of Rural Retreat VA.

Decorating tips by Pamela:

I made this teddy bear cake. I baked 2 round pans for the head and body. I used cream cheese for the whole cake. Then I used coconut for the fur. I used color dye to change the coconut to brown. I used fondant for the ears, bow, nose and paws.

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Princess Doll Cake

This princess doll cake was submitted by Veena Azmanov of Israel.

Decorating tips by Veena:

This Princess Cake was for a 2 year old. I use the Moist Chocolate Cake for 11" Round from this site and poured it into a 7" bowl and 8" Round. Once baked I torted, filled and trimmed to desired shape. Covered and decorated with homemade rolled fondant. I personally thought the cake didn't need the stars but the mother had requested stars and since it was a 2 year old I figured - why not? 

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Russian Dolls Cake

This Russian dolls cake idea was submitted by Emily Coakley of IL, United States. 

Decorating tips by Emily:

I really *winged* this! I cut out 3 shapes by hand, then just TRIED to copy a few cute pics of some Matroushkas (Russian nesting dolls) for my daughter's 2nd birthday - she loves these dolls! 

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Portal of Power Cake

This Portal of Power cake idea was submitted by Jem Fry of England, UK.

Decorating tips by Jem:

The cake was a white-iced sponge cake bought from a shop. The birthday boy is a big fan of the Skylanders video game, so the cake is designed on the "Portal of Power" from the game.

The grey icing was blended white and black rolled thin and wrapped around the cake. Another layer if grey icing was added about an inch from the cake's base and slightly folded over on top to form the central circle.

Eight strips of grey were placed vertically at equal distances around the base of the cake, rising up the walls and slightly extending into the central white circle.

The stone effect was created by crinkling up some grease proof paper and pressing it into the icing. The brick effect was made by cutting into the icing with a sharp knife.

The hieroglyphics were carved out with a sharp knife and then filled with white icing and pressed into shape.

Some paint-on shimmer icing was brushed onto the top to make the swirls and imitate the game's lighting effects.

To finish off a thin strip of bright green ribbon was wrapped around the base and one of the Skylanders figures placed on the Portal of Power.

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Bingo Cake

This Bingo cake design was submitted by Margaret Fletcher of Dunoon, Scotland.

Decorating tips by Margaret:

Genoese sponge cake with butter icing and raspberry jam as filling,decorated with fondant icing and crimpers used for the edging. The decorations are all in fondant icing as is the covering on the board. This was for a young girl of 22 who loves the bingo,hence the 2 little ducks.

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