Tier Cakes - How to Safely Transport a Tiered Cake

”Want to learn how to transport a tiered cake? ”

Ever wondered how the really big and tall tiered cakes are transported from bakeries to event venues?

Have you ever thought how you are going to transport your first multi tiered wedding cake to your customer’s wedding hall?

Let me explain to you the best ways to transport a tiered cake in one piece, without any accidents and glitches and without actually owning any special purpose vehicles or extra tall cake boxes.

Here are some useful tips on how to transport a tiered cake

  • Never assemble a tall tiered cake until you reach the wedding hall or event venue. It is ok to assemble-and-deliver a two or three tier cake, but taller cakes are best assembled at the event venue. Transport each tier on its own, either in a cake pan, a cake box or place directly on a non-slip mat. If you try to transport an assembled tiered cake, let me warn you……your cake stands a high risk of falling apart due to the movement of your vehicle while driving. Don’t take the risk. Pack each cake separately and assemble them only when you reach the wedding hall. If you have no choice but to assemble the tiered cake upfront before delivery for whatever reason, insert a long dowel rod through the center of the stacked cakes for additional support and drive extra carefully. Click here to learn how to insert a dowel rod through a stacked cake tiers.
  • Find out the distance between your bakery and the event venue or wedding hall. Allocate at least 3 to 4 hours before the start of the event for you to reach the venue. This will give you a good allowance for any delays as well as enough time to assemble the cake before guests arrive for the function.
  • Drive your vehicle slowly and try avoiding sudden jerks or brakes to avoid your cakes from shaking too much and sliding. This is particularly important if you are travelling with an assembled tiered cake. To protect the cake from sudden jerks, place the cakes on non-slip mats. These mats can provide good grip and avoid your cakes from moving as a result of your vehicle’s sudden movements.
  • Once you reach the venue, start assembling the cake. Always make sure that you bring all your cake decorating tools with you in a tool caddy and also remember to bring extra cake icing (the same type you used for the cake). Always bring extra flowers, if you are using any, (be it fresh flowers, gumpaste flowers or royal icing/butter icing flowers) to replace any broken or damaged ones on the cake.
  • When you have finished assembling the cake , be sure to inform the event manager at the venue (this is particularly important in the case of a wedding cake, as the bride and groom will not be there to see the cake until after the party has started) before you leave the venue to make sure the cake is well taken care of and not knocked down by staff who are busy with other deco and music.
  • Always bring a camera (on a phone with camera) with you, take a photo of the completely assembled cake and send the images to your customer before you leave the venue, just in case someone knocks down your cake while you are gone and blames it on you. At least with the photo, your customer will know that you have done a good job and does not blame you for any mishaps.

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