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Welcome to Valentine's cake ideas page. You will find on this page, interesting cake decorating ideas for your Valentine. If you are thinking of presenting your loved one with a romantic cake for Valentine’s Day, you have come to the right place.

Cakes have always been a popular gift for Valentine’s Day. There are many different ideas to decorate a romantic cake. Listed on this page are some ideas you can use to decorate such cakes.

Valentines Cakes Recipes

valentine cake

Chocolate has always been associated with Valentine’s Day. A rich and moist chocolate cake with rich chocolate topping will definitely melt the heart of your loved one. Alternatively, you can also make a butter cake or cakes with any other flavor and decorate them to your liking. I have, in this site, a list of true and tried cake recipes and cake icing and frosting recipes that you can choose from to make and decorate your cakes.

Cake decorating ideas for Valentine’s Day

There are many creative ideas that you can use to present a romantic cake. Here are some interesting ideas and pictures to inspire you.

  • Color – red is always the preferred choice for a Valentine cake, as it indicates passion. Other mostly used colors are pink and white.

  • Flowers – It goes without saying that roses are the best flowers to present on Valentine’s Day, particularly red ones. Decorating your cake with roses, be they real ones or gumpaste or royal icing roses, are sure to add a touch of romance to your cakes.

  • Fruits – Using fruits is another interesting and creative way of decorating Valentine’s Day cakes. Just like flowers, red fruits are sure to add a spark to your romantic cakes. Use of fruits like strawberries dipped in chocolate or strawberries arranged on a cake decorated with whipped cream are some ideas for decorating cakes with fruits.

  • Shapes – This is another interesting character of a Valentine's Day cake. A heart shaped cake is particularly famous on this occasion. To make your heart shaped cake, either bake it in a heart shaped pan or cut out a heart shape from a round cake. To get a nice puffed look for your heart cake, be sure to NOT level the cake top. Once baked, remove your cake from the pan, cool it and then frost it with the top facing up, without leveling it. In that way, your cake, once frosted, will look nice and puffed.

  • Sizes – Any size is fine for a Valentine cake, but mini cakes are slowly and widely gaining popularity. Instead of baking one big cake, you can bake and decorate two or three mini cakes and present this together with a bouquet of real flowers.

Valentine's Day Cakes

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Valentine Valentine Valentine

Valentine Valentine Valentine

Valentine Valentine Valentine


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