Free Wedding Cake Recipes 

Learn how to make a wedding cake with these free and easy recipes for wedding cakes

Wedding cake recipes - Weddings cakes come in different textures and flavors. Depending on your budget and taste preference, you can choose literally any flavor for your cake.

Listed on this page are recipes for all the different types of cakes and flavors to choose from for wedding cakes, ranging from simple and plain butter cakes to light and rich fruitcakes.

Also included are recipes for various types of icings and frostings which are typically used for wedding cakes.


Cake recipes

Butter pound cake

Orange cake

Marble cake

Coffee cake

Chocolate cake

Light fruit cake

Rich fruit cake

Cake icings and frosting recipes :


Butter icing

Chocolate icing

Cream cheese icing

Chocolate ganache


Glaze icing


Royal icing

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