Unique wedding cake toppers

Unique wedding cake toppers - Cake toppers are an important aspect of decorating wedding cakes. There are many different types of cake toppers for weddings which are available in the market and each bride would definitely want a cake topper that is uniquely reflective of her and her groom.

Wedding cake topper

Types of toppers for wedding cakes

There are many different types of toppers that you can choose for your wedding. Some of these can even be custom made to your preference and be kept as a memorable keepsake for years to come.

The type of topper used on a wedding cake is usually a reflection of the bride and groom’s favorite things and is entirely up to the couple to decide.

Some of the most popular and common types for weddings are:

  • Monogram
  • Initials
  • Dove toppers
For those whose wedding is during fall or winter, it would be interesting to choose a wedding cake top to reflect the season. Some interesting and unique ones would be:
  • Halloween themed toppers
  • Christmas themed toppers

Alternatively, if you are having a beach wedding or a tropical wedding, then you have a choice of settling for a cake topper to reflect the background or the venue of your wedding
  • Tropical cake toppers
  • Hawaiian
  • Beach

Cake toppers for wedding:

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